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Ok so here's our 1st official blog.... Currently in the research stage of the movie. We have our general concept, kick-ass characters and amazing music but we're looking for ideas on the "Zombie Look" We don't want the generic low budget crap that you see today, and the basic corpse look is sooo outdated so as the writer I need to know what I'm dealing with... But other than that I'm super stoked to get started. We have some sponsors  and Movie Name Ideas but nothing completely solid so feel free to comment your ideas. As for books We'll be posting some info and titles very soon following a few short films featuring well us lol. We hope you continue to show support cause you know we love it =]


10/7/2007 11:35:45 am

Hey You guys look really cool, looking foward to seeing or reading your stuff!!! Love the pictures by the way and I rented the movie infection it was awesome as for demons I can't seem to find it let me know where I can find it and let me just say You girls are HOTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anastacia weebly
10/7/2007 11:35:46 am

I love this page. And I love the videos. Im so HAPPY!!!! I love it, did micheal see it yet?......MUAH I love you mush! From:Junnieth

Indutrie Weebly
10/7/2007 11:50:36 am

lololol ok First of all I'm the author of this page lol As for the movies Demoni has them! If you don't have blockbuster then a basic google search can help you.... thanks for the comment and I love you Junnieth you dork

and yes these are our Aliases
from: Lu Lu

10/7/2007 02:07:53 pm

Good job girls... I'm proud of you guys keep up the good work! Now when are you gonna post up some stories, or movies, or even music

Your Dad

10/7/2007 05:22:18 pm

Crazy stuff here.... Can't wait!

10/17/2007 04:59:37 pm

So what's the story about? I'm quite curious I've yet to watch a stellar scary movie i 2 am a Movie efficianado or however it's supposed 2 b spelled, that's not mi strongest suite

10/17/2007 05:10:36 pm

Thanks for the tip just guys are so funny and did I mention Hot. Post some more pix, lets see if you have brains to match your looks.
And the Alias names Classic
So Far you guys are Hot, funny, and creative waiting on smart and talented still no proof but I'm pretty sure you guys are by the wat I forgot to mention the name Kill-HER industries.... really clever

Your boy,

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