KiLL-HER Industries (KHI)

Things to Look out for


We have 2 bands signed Kiss Me Pretty... which consists of Flash, and Lu Lu && S.P.E.T. Kiss Me Pretty is currently working on their first album ::Acute Tone Deafness:: While The Music part of this company is still as we call it under-construction we are looking for new talent. Feel free to email KHI via the contact box on the Home Page(Company Bio Tab) or the 'New to KHI' tab located at the top.


Currently working on a Series of Zombie Movies, 2 awesome dramas written by Marjorie and co written by Tiffany! And lastly Documentary=]. Titles are a work in progress but info will be posted very soon. If You want to know anything in particular feel free to contact us on the Company Bio Page or look for updates under the Blog page.

As an Avid Fan of Wolf Lake I'm adding a petition asking Sci-Fi to continue the story in some way here, on my myspace, and our blog. I ask that you please sign it. Thank you

Books and Short Stories

Include these titles and many more:
*Gum Shoes by Michael Antonietti
*Socialites Series by Michael Antonietti
*3D by Michael Antonietti & Tiffany Oharriz
*Philosophy of a Woman, The Anatomy of a Man: Tiffany Oharriz
*Birth Curse Series: Tiffany Oharriz
*What else can go wrong: Tiffany Oharriz
*Knock Me Off My Choos(Heels over Head Series): Tiffany Oharriz
*Wicked Little Girls: Tiffany Oharriz & Michael Antonietti
*Cardinal Road: Tiffany Oharriz & Michael Antonietti
*Strawberry Chocolate': Marjorie Chavarria
*Creme De La Femme: Marjorie Chavarria
*A Night in Madrid: Marjorie Chavarria
*Love & Lust: Marjorie Chavarria and Tiffany Oharriz
*Tell Me How You Want It: Marjorie Chavarria & Tiffany Oharriz
*Show Me How You Like It: Marjorie Chavarria & Tiffany Oharriz
*Teach Me How You Need It: Tiffany Oharriz & Marjorie Chavarria
*The Twist Series: Marjorie Chavarria & Tiffany Oharriz
*Cyco Chyco: Tiffany Oharriz & Marjorie Chavarria

Coming Soon

        Very soon there will be a new page entitled After thoughts. Be sure to check it out for our weekly soap opera. Which of course is copyrighted =] but it's in a story format. We can't wait to share it with you but it takes time to create so bare with us.

        Among those soap operas is a new spin on everyday life, called 3D, The sinful 'Wicked Little Girls' and the sexcapades of 2 Manhattan Teens 'Love & Lust'

       And lastly a clothing line created by the amazing Beth Antonietti & her younger sister Melody Antonietti

More will be posted as the days go by including story outlines and movie info.

I made this music playlist at

Welcome to KHI