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       Inspired by the horror Movie Classics... Such as Night of the Living Dead and The Blob, three teenagers vowed to create a franchise of amazing, edge of your seat, bite your nails in anticipation, scream your lungs out, cover your eyes, madness, gore, and everything that makes a horror movie rock!

TBM Productions
and Kill-HER Sounds combine Kicking music and amazing Movies to create Kill-HER Industries. We are now an official company!!!! =]

***The types of Movies we specialize in... are
of course horror and Science Fiction movies with mythological creatures including Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves and so on. But we don't stop there... Comedy is our next attribute we love to laugh and make others laugh so we have a collection of comedies under our belt with of course our own set of spoofs and romantic comedies. We don't limit ourselves to one genre or area. We are artists to the bone...

The World Wide Blackout

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~Lu Lu and June

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Your Opinions matter to us... so please feel free to comment away but please note that improper comments with be deleted... we don't want to offend people =]

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