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Ok so I was watching Sci-Fi a few days ago and now I remember the slogan.... Get ready for a new breed of Drama. I loved Wolf Lake and I remember being super sad that they had canceled it after like 9 episodes. Sad I know. Well for those of you that are unfamiliar with this fantastic show here's an update. John Kanin played by Lou Diamond Phillips(Bats, La Bamba etc.) wanders into the town of Wolf Lake in search of his missing girlfriend Ruby Wilder/Cates later to become Ruby Creed played by Mia Kershner(Not Another Teen Movie). The town has a little secret, the secret answers this nagging question why is there always a full moon. Well simply because it's inhabitants are werewolves. The show was great especially because of the blossoming romance between bad boy Lucas "Luke" Cates future Alpha of the pack played by Paul Wesley(Fallen) and good girl/virgin Sophia Donner played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead(Final Destination 3) daughter of the local sheriff Mathew Donner a skinwalker that gave up his pelt because he fell in love with a human. Yep that's right folks Sophia Donner is A Half Breed. Anyway the show had a great cast and that great story line but it aired on CBS go figure. And after only 5 episodes it's was canceled, It wold have been ok if it ended there because there was no cliff hanger well a little one cause you see Luke's dad is murdered. Anyway UPN then aired the remaining 4 ='[ leaving us with the nagging questions!!! I hate cliff hangers.... why on the finale man couldn't you give us an ending. Sometimes I hate T.V. lol.
    Now Sci-Fi has bought the rights and the show might actually stand a chance after a few years of being well in HIBERNATION and very close to being forgotten well on the verge of EXTINCTION. My goal is to have Sci-Fi continue the series however they can whether completely remade or in the form of a movie so here's the thing we have till my birthday July 3rd to get at least 1000 votes and I ask that you please sign the petition located below or located on the 1st page and/or the current projects. lol a bit of overkill but who cares.

3/30/2011 11:31:19 am

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