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    Ok so it seems that i haven't given you guys all the deets on "Fan of the Month" so here it goes. At the end of Each month I will post a blog titled "Month, Fan of the month" And on that blog there will be as followed: A brief summary of that fan, followed by a quick message the posted showing us some love(reason why we chose them =]) and of course if they allow it, a pik-cha! please remember you are not obligated to leave any personal information we understand that some people would like to keep their anonymity, and we respect your privacy.
   As for the information about the movies/books of the week, all the information will be posted on the same day as our Fan of the Month blog, chances are they will be one in the same. This section however will contain my rating for the movie and where you can find it, if you are interested in watching it, other wise you can leave a comment with you e-mail address and I will get back to you with the information. And following the movie/book info we'll post our quick review on the movie and movies we've seen recently! So check it out and don't forget to show the love =] thanks for reading

This week I created a new playlist on my Zune and seem to be jamming to it a lot, my favorite song on it uhh kinda hard to choose so here's my top 10 most listened to songs:

1. Pretty Girl - Sugarcult
2. Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns
3. When Did Your Heart Go Missing - Rooney
4. Crazy Beautiful - Ashley Parker Angel
5. The Great Escape - Boys like Girls
6. All the Same - Sick Puppies
7. Surrender - Billy Talent
8. Whatever You Like - Nicole Scherzinger Feat. T.I.
9. Wasted - L.P.
10. We are - Ana Johnson

*** That wasn't so hard was it.... yeah it was lol couldn't decide

10/17/2007 04:56:15 pm

Can't wait! Hope it's Me :) You guys rock hard

10/17/2007 05:07:32 pm

I left a comment of the 1st page but i couldn't see it..... so here you go just in case

You guys are pretty cool, I think it's amazing how you did all this I hope you copyright your stuff and let us see it at least a sample... maybe you should sell some of your books here, for your cause

3/30/2011 11:30:17 am

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