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Double edged swords, controversy, Double standards, criticism, passion, love, blah blah blah!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY

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First episode: To Eat Meat or Not To Eat Meat.....

***No I'm not quoting
Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Act 3, Scene 1
(if you're curious)
but I digress

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I was on my yearbook:

I came across a thread on Why some people don't eat meat. I'm overly curious and I already knew most the answers that would be there:
1. Inhumane
2. Cruel and/or unnecessary torture to the animals
3. They don't like meat.
And I knew most responses and replies to those answers which aren't the main point of this episode or Tippy's random rambling but here is an example of a meat eater response (meat eater not meant offensively)

"Let's put it this way. Humans are omnivores. We weren't meant to eat JUST
vegetation. Your body loses valuable nutrients from not eating meat and dairy products. Meat is really good for you (as long as it's cooked right). And think about this, what's more important...a cow, or your health? I mean, sure...I don't agree with how they torture the poor animals's just like running over a rabbit on the road. You don't stop driving because it happened; you just keep going and say 'Sorry rabbit'."

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Now although some of the things in that comment are facts and yes I did laugh a bit because hey it me that's what I do, but they were cruel to a certain extent BUT POINT WELL TAKEN. Now simple as this here's my response

I personally love meat... my best friend is a vegetarian(tried vegan loves cheese too much) her explanation is they torture animals but I grew up on an island and with tons of Hispanics that own farms we kill our own and no we don't torture them. They kill what they have to eat, not to be harsh but because we as humans are omnivores, we need meat to survive that our biggest form of protein and nutrition but if you don't like it or won't eat it it's your choice, all your yelling at each other solves nothing! In the end my best friend will continue to eat her salads and what not and you will not stop me from eating my big Mac, or my lechon on Christmas, my turkey and/or ham on thanksgiving or chicken just cause I want to fry some up or eat homemade soup. Judging me and each other won't change the fact that one like this and the other likes that, if a vegetarian can be best friends with me (I eat meat every chance I get... yup even in salad) then why can't you all just except each other. Yes I understand they torture animals; yes I love animals; no I wouldn't want to do that to me; no I wouldn't eat my dog.... that's my baby I've had him since he was born(I may like meat but I'm not heartless no matter what some of you may think); no I wouldn't eat my dad if they killed him like that and served him to me not because of the torture(even though that would suck) but because he is human, my family and once again I like meat yes but I'm NOT A CANNIABAL!!!!

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Lions kill and you don't boycott them because it in their nature(circle of life, but meat is important to our diet especially if cooked right.... that's why it's on the pyramid), only thing…. they don't cook em and well harvest them for food, seriously I get your side of the debate, really I do and I agree it's inhumane and honestly if I could change that I would but I won't give up my meat since I was raised by my father who would bring home a freshly killed pig (sry if it's too graphic) for the holidays, and my Tia Tonya asking me to pick out my favorite chicken and making me chicken soup. The torture has to stop yes, but attacking me because I like meat won't help your cause. It will make you look ignorant because you are trying to force your opinion on someone else. This debate it's just a pointless waste of time there's no gain in arguing about it when some kids are so poor they don't even have a leaf to pick for breakfast/lunch/dinner.Some kids in poor countries and some living here for that matter have to dig in the trash for the food that we have the privilege to say NO to food we can say 'no I don't want that' to! Now how does that make us look, how does that make you feel... now you realize how insignificant this fight about why people eat what eat and why they want to eat what they eat really is.... compares to those kids who don't have the choices we do we are what most would call 'Lucky' and 'Blessed'

Now wearing Fur that is for a completely different episode because this is titled To eat/not eat meat.... not to wear/not to wear fur, until next time folks....
Next R.R. - GAY, wrong or right

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Mini Bio as to why I started this RR:

Ok so here's thing I, Tiffany Marie yada yada yada have opinions 2 and yes most of them are informed ok well actually the majority are because I hate to look stupid.... so I back everything up with cold hard facts. As Mike would say I have a tendency to randomly become passionate about one cause or another, but hey that's me you either love it or hate it either way I don't give a F*** let me stop there because continuing on that rant would go against my Christian upbringing (NOT!!! never mind lol but I am Christian =]) So here's the thing I'm naturally curious and stubborn. My views are my views you don't have to share them but don't try to change them because I won't

***This episode of Random Ramblings (R.R.) was brought to you by
Tippy: The Crazy Redhead who goes Lu Lu T. Marie =]

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