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    Ok so more news and my sincerest apologies. I have been on a complete hiatus, Running a company is harder than it seems =] Flash is discontinuing his collide series and his blog page will me deleted, chances are that by the time you read this notice it will be gone but have no fear short stories will be posted ASAP on this site =] Birth Curse is in it's final stages and Morphine has been created... which makes me ecstatic. Make sure to Visit the current projects page for a more detailed list of things to come. Flash has asked me to inform you that he is working on a Story called 'Outside In The Asylum' and yes it is good so you must read it. I personally love it and visit frequently it is located on and along with it is a Texas Chainsaw Massacre FanFiction @

    I am starting my own blogspot blog because the site rocks on that site I will feature my Random Ramblings/Rants whichever suits the theme. The will also be featured on this site if your interested. Said blog is located below this New Bulletin. Please visit my fanfiction site @ and my blog spot address is That is all for now =]


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Double edged swords, controversy, Double standards, criticism, passion, love, blah blah blah!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY

^^^^<--------Did I spell that right???------->^^^^
::looks over shoulder::

First episode: To Eat Meat or Not To Eat Meat.....

***No I'm not quoting
Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Act 3, Scene 1
(if you're curious)
but I digress

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I was on my yearbook:

I came across a thread on Why some people don't eat meat. I'm overly curious and I already knew most the answers that would be there:
1. Inhumane
2. Cruel and/or unnecessary torture to the animals
3. They don't like meat.
And I knew most responses and replies to those answers which aren't the main point of this episode or Tippy's random rambling but here is an example of a meat eater response (meat eater not meant offensively)

"Let's put it this way. Humans are omnivores. We weren't meant to eat JUST
vegetation. Your body loses valuable nutrients from not eating meat and dairy products. Meat is really good for you (as long as it's cooked right). And think about this, what's more important...a cow, or your health? I mean, sure...I don't agree with how they torture the poor animals's just like running over a rabbit on the road. You don't stop driving because it happened; you just keep going and say 'Sorry rabbit'."

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Now although some of the things in that comment are facts and yes I did laugh a bit because hey it me that's what I do, but they were cruel to a certain extent BUT POINT WELL TAKEN. Now simple as this here's my response

I personally love meat... my best friend is a vegetarian(tried vegan loves cheese too much) her explanation is they torture animals but I grew up on an island and with tons of Hispanics that own farms we kill our own and no we don't torture them. They kill what they have to eat, not to be harsh but because we as humans are omnivores, we need meat to survive that our biggest form of protein and nutrition but if you don't like it or won't eat it it's your choice, all your yelling at each other solves nothing! In the end my best friend will continue to eat her salads and what not and you will not stop me from eating my big Mac, or my lechon on Christmas, my turkey and/or ham on thanksgiving or chicken just cause I want to fry some up or eat homemade soup. Judging me and each other won't change the fact that one like this and the other likes that, if a vegetarian can be best friends with me (I eat meat every chance I get... yup even in salad) then why can't you all just except each other. Yes I understand they torture animals; yes I love animals; no I wouldn't want to do that to me; no I wouldn't eat my dog.... that's my baby I've had him since he was born(I may like meat but I'm not heartless no matter what some of you may think); no I wouldn't eat my dad if they killed him like that and served him to me not because of the torture(even though that would suck) but because he is human, my family and once again I like meat yes but I'm NOT A CANNIABAL!!!!

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Lions kill and you don't boycott them because it in their nature(circle of life, but meat is important to our diet especially if cooked right.... that's why it's on the pyramid), only thing…. they don't cook em and well harvest them for food, seriously I get your side of the debate, really I do and I agree it's inhumane and honestly if I could change that I would but I won't give up my meat since I was raised by my father who would bring home a freshly killed pig (sry if it's too graphic) for the holidays, and my Tia Tonya asking me to pick out my favorite chicken and making me chicken soup. The torture has to stop yes, but attacking me because I like meat won't help your cause. It will make you look ignorant because you are trying to force your opinion on someone else. This debate it's just a pointless waste of time there's no gain in arguing about it when some kids are so poor they don't even have a leaf to pick for breakfast/lunch/dinner.Some kids in poor countries and some living here for that matter have to dig in the trash for the food that we have the privilege to say NO to food we can say 'no I don't want that' to! Now how does that make us look, how does that make you feel... now you realize how insignificant this fight about why people eat what eat and why they want to eat what they eat really is.... compares to those kids who don't have the choices we do we are what most would call 'Lucky' and 'Blessed'

Now wearing Fur that is for a completely different episode because this is titled To eat/not eat meat.... not to wear/not to wear fur, until next time folks....
Next R.R. - GAY, wrong or right

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Mini Bio as to why I started this RR:

Ok so here's thing I, Tiffany Marie yada yada yada have opinions 2 and yes most of them are informed ok well actually the majority are because I hate to look stupid.... so I back everything up with cold hard facts. As Mike would say I have a tendency to randomly become passionate about one cause or another, but hey that's me you either love it or hate it either way I don't give a F*** let me stop there because continuing on that rant would go against my Christian upbringing (NOT!!! never mind lol but I am Christian =]) So here's the thing I'm naturally curious and stubborn. My views are my views you don't have to share them but don't try to change them because I won't

***This episode of Random Ramblings (R.R.) was brought to you by
Tippy: The Crazy Redhead who goes Lu Lu T. Marie =]

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        Hey guys I just posted Michael's Socialites chapter 1.  Coming soon is Birth Curse and maybe Morphine of course I still plan on posting info on the Zombie movie but w/e check out our current projects page for info on our new stuff. I almost forgot next month Mike gets a blog it's a dry run and temporary because Margie is after him =] I'll update more later love you guys. Hey you vote on your favorite Lu Lu pik-cha  coming soon as well as June's pik-cha thanks =] We need help choosing. So new movie clips and books by the end of the week. There's a glitch in the site they won't let me adjust the size of the photos sorry.


    Ok so this month has been so hectic. Between finishing up some books and continuing with the scripts and proof reading some of the stuff you guys sent me and some of my writers stories, school and work I'm being stretched thin. We have a photo shoot coming up and I'm mondo excited I'm in need of new material so don't be afraid to hit that feedback button on the Contact Form located on the 1st page, if you wanna reach me directly. Hell even leaving me a comment on this blog will send me your info. Yes in-case you were wondering we do advertise Movies, stories and w/e but you have to contact us on here then you will get a direct reply from me with the steps you have to take in order for the advertising to begin. I spent some time with my Bestie Margie and I love her to Death and I had a heart to heart with my BiFFeL Beth. We are off to New York in about a year.

    On an even better note, we are official, we own the rights to this name and own this company, it all legit. So if you want an editor or just need to advertise this is the place to do it. =] I'm really happy with my writers and I hope you guys will be as well. New Page added to the website on that page you will find a file called socialites series it's a little piece of the book kinda like a preview check it out cause when it's done we start selling it. Be sure To check out our 2 last blogs, sign the petition and read the info on Oct./Nov. 2007.

    So here's the gossip of the week. I went to my middle school fair on Sunday with only Margie cause the boyfriend is still in Orlando and we had an ok time but everything seemed so BLAH. I could have sworn that it was 10 times better when I went to school there but what can you do. I think we only rode 1 ride which kinda sucked but that's that and other than that like I said photo shoot coming up and then sleep cause I need it. I have bags under my eyes =[ so I'm off to do CEO business type stuff w/e that is lol and then photo shoot and then maybe just maybe some sleep; one can only hope!

By the way I'm stuck on Between the Trees, Deftones, Kidneythieves, Flyleaf, Radiohead, Shiny Toy Guns, Everything- Lifehouse, Apologize- One Republic, White Lies- Jessica Sutta, Clumsy- Fergie, && Limit of Shunt- Beanbag. So if you wanna see me buy a tickets to Between the Trees and Shiny Toy guns I already bought mine =] can't wait till the concerts. And I unfortunately missed the Drop Dead Gorgeous Concert on Saturday because I had to work. Today is my niece's 1st Birthday Happy Birthday Mimi!!!


First off I will start by apologizing for disappearing of the radar like that. Secondly I thank you for continuing with contacting me and posting comments. And thirdly I bring you good news Socialites Ch. 1 is completed and will be up shortly. Birth Curse is almost complete, our music is rocking and so on.

Let's jump right into this b/c I'm sorta short for time.

week one:

Picture: Infection

Clip: Demoni 1 & 2

Can be found in Blockbuster or

week two:
Picture: Leprachuan 3
Clip: Return of the living dead 3

Can be found Blockbuster

week three:
Picture: Blue Bloods 1 & 2

Clip: Wolf lake

Barnes and Noble and contact me for wolf Lake

That was all I posted sorry I'll try to keep up =]

Fan of The Month....

The honor goes to Sherry. With all her support and praises we love you and you rock. To the rest of the fans thanks for visiting our page and yada yada yada you know I'll get sappy if I keep going. You guys are amazing not us! Any who new pictures and clips up later today followed by another awesome blog that's a must read

Movie/Book Reviews...

Ok so I haven't watched that many movies =[ but I will I promise. A definite must see is "The Bee Movie" um I'm pretty sure that's all I've seen this month no wait I lie I rented some movies duh lol.

Killer Bash--acting was whack, story was ok but kinda lame, and the character last lame is Jekyll and Hyde lol but I actually kinda liked it it was so bad it was good
Drive-Thru--ok Leighton Meester & Penn Badgley I expected so much more lol but the movie was ok considering  at times the acting was blah and the story was good and other times the acting was good but the writing sucked, just watch it and decide for yourself
The Blob (1958 and 1988)--Awesome and awesome. I loved both movies although they were way scary when I was younger they aren't that scary but they do rock regardless. Classics
Flight of the Living Dead-- pretty good once you get to the actual zombie action although they do scream like birds lol and um there's a grandma zombie with no teeth lol. watch it and decide for yourself
Catacombs--Good major twist at the end. Pink is in it as well. I actually like the movie. I love FearNet
Children of the Living Dead--ok no offense Tom Savini... not your best work it kinda sucked no not kinda it did suck
Dark Half--good but so long it makes you bored
Devil's Prey
--I liked it but you might not depends on your movie style
Wraith--Charlie Sheen, that says it all. It was good really.
Mangler Series--scared the beejesus out of the biffel, she shut it off when I feel asleep. It wasn't boring but I'd been awake way too long, I re-watched it when I wasn't tired, it was awesome but not so much scary
Pumpkin Head series--Ok major classic. But not scary actual made me kinda sleepy
Sometimes they Come Back--good only words to describe it
Sometimes they Come Back Again--Stephen King you genius same as the review above
Slaughter High--kind of stupid but a good way to pass some time
Sleepwalker--I was still bored lol and it was on FearNet. I liked it but then again I'm insane so why would you listen to me ohh that's right cause I rock
Witchboard-- Just like this movie rocks, I hid my face under my sheets

I also saw Resident Evil: Extinction with the BiFFeL and it was really good except we got kinda sad at the end. Every movie we watch someone dies. The Invisible, Pirates, Spiderman, and now Resident Evil. Well the movie rocked and that's that!

Ok and now this blog is Finito.


Ok so I was watching Sci-Fi a few days ago and now I remember the slogan.... Get ready for a new breed of Drama. I loved Wolf Lake and I remember being super sad that they had canceled it after like 9 episodes. Sad I know. Well for those of you that are unfamiliar with this fantastic show here's an update. John Kanin played by Lou Diamond Phillips(Bats, La Bamba etc.) wanders into the town of Wolf Lake in search of his missing girlfriend Ruby Wilder/Cates later to become Ruby Creed played by Mia Kershner(Not Another Teen Movie). The town has a little secret, the secret answers this nagging question why is there always a full moon. Well simply because it's inhabitants are werewolves. The show was great especially because of the blossoming romance between bad boy Lucas "Luke" Cates future Alpha of the pack played by Paul Wesley(Fallen) and good girl/virgin Sophia Donner played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead(Final Destination 3) daughter of the local sheriff Mathew Donner a skinwalker that gave up his pelt because he fell in love with a human. Yep that's right folks Sophia Donner is A Half Breed. Anyway the show had a great cast and that great story line but it aired on CBS go figure. And after only 5 episodes it's was canceled, It wold have been ok if it ended there because there was no cliff hanger well a little one cause you see Luke's dad is murdered. Anyway UPN then aired the remaining 4 ='[ leaving us with the nagging questions!!! I hate cliff hangers.... why on the finale man couldn't you give us an ending. Sometimes I hate T.V. lol.
    Now Sci-Fi has bought the rights and the show might actually stand a chance after a few years of being well in HIBERNATION and very close to being forgotten well on the verge of EXTINCTION. My goal is to have Sci-Fi continue the series however they can whether completely remade or in the form of a movie so here's the thing we have till my birthday July 3rd to get at least 1000 votes and I ask that you please sign the petition located below or located on the 1st page and/or the current projects. lol a bit of overkill but who cares.


I am what you call a horror movie efficianado..... A movie whore lol So recently when I got to meet the hilariously funny man who plays our very own favorite little green dude from the very successful Leprachuan series. Warwick Davis... although the meeting was all of 10 minutes and completely spur of the moment.... thanks Alex..... I was soo happy I have absolutely loved Leprachuan 1- 4 I must say I was a bit dissapointed on the outcome of 5 and 6 Leprahuan in the hood and Leprachuan Back 2 tha hood. They just didn't hold up to the previous 4 movies. The one thing I did notice while watching our villianous leprachuan marathon on Sci-Fi the other night.... I was just soo disapointed cause for some reasons these movies seemed so much scarier a few years ago, they are defenitely good entertainment a perfect mixture of murder and comedy. But the way to kill him always changes and at the end of each movie he dies yet he comes back without any explanation. I could understand seeing him live after each attempt and then having to find a new way or whatever but he dies lol and sitting here typing all of this i'm kicking myself in the ass for not asking these questions cause lol I honestly wasn't thinking just kinda like whoa i'm meeting a legend. But whatev... Can't change the past =]


    Ok so it seems that i haven't given you guys all the deets on "Fan of the Month" so here it goes. At the end of Each month I will post a blog titled "Month, Fan of the month" And on that blog there will be as followed: A brief summary of that fan, followed by a quick message the posted showing us some love(reason why we chose them =]) and of course if they allow it, a pik-cha! please remember you are not obligated to leave any personal information we understand that some people would like to keep their anonymity, and we respect your privacy.
   As for the information about the movies/books of the week, all the information will be posted on the same day as our Fan of the Month blog, chances are they will be one in the same. This section however will contain my rating for the movie and where you can find it, if you are interested in watching it, other wise you can leave a comment with you e-mail address and I will get back to you with the information. And following the movie/book info we'll post our quick review on the movie and movies we've seen recently! So check it out and don't forget to show the love =] thanks for reading

This week I created a new playlist on my Zune and seem to be jamming to it a lot, my favorite song on it uhh kinda hard to choose so here's my top 10 most listened to songs:

1. Pretty Girl - Sugarcult
2. Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns
3. When Did Your Heart Go Missing - Rooney
4. Crazy Beautiful - Ashley Parker Angel
5. The Great Escape - Boys like Girls
6. All the Same - Sick Puppies
7. Surrender - Billy Talent
8. Whatever You Like - Nicole Scherzinger Feat. T.I.
9. Wasted - L.P.
10. We are - Ana Johnson

*** That wasn't so hard was it.... yeah it was lol couldn't decide


Ok so here's our 1st official blog.... Currently in the research stage of the movie. We have our general concept, kick-ass characters and amazing music but we're looking for ideas on the "Zombie Look" We don't want the generic low budget crap that you see today, and the basic corpse look is sooo outdated so as the writer I need to know what I'm dealing with... But other than that I'm super stoked to get started. We have some sponsors  and Movie Name Ideas but nothing completely solid so feel free to comment your ideas. As for books We'll be posting some info and titles very soon following a few short films featuring well us lol. We hope you continue to show support cause you know we love it =]


Welcome to KHI