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    Ok so this month has been so hectic. Between finishing up some books and continuing with the scripts and proof reading some of the stuff you guys sent me and some of my writers stories, school and work I'm being stretched thin. We have a photo shoot coming up and I'm mondo excited I'm in need of new material so don't be afraid to hit that feedback button on the Contact Form located on the 1st page, if you wanna reach me directly. Hell even leaving me a comment on this blog will send me your info. Yes in-case you were wondering we do advertise Movies, stories and w/e but you have to contact us on here then you will get a direct reply from me with the steps you have to take in order for the advertising to begin. I spent some time with my Bestie Margie and I love her to Death and I had a heart to heart with my BiFFeL Beth. We are off to New York in about a year.

    On an even better note, we are official, we own the rights to this name and own this company, it all legit. So if you want an editor or just need to advertise this is the place to do it. =] I'm really happy with my writers and I hope you guys will be as well. New Page added to the website on that page you will find a file called socialites series it's a little piece of the book kinda like a preview check it out cause when it's done we start selling it. Be sure To check out our 2 last blogs, sign the petition and read the info on Oct./Nov. 2007.

    So here's the gossip of the week. I went to my middle school fair on Sunday with only Margie cause the boyfriend is still in Orlando and we had an ok time but everything seemed so BLAH. I could have sworn that it was 10 times better when I went to school there but what can you do. I think we only rode 1 ride which kinda sucked but that's that and other than that like I said photo shoot coming up and then sleep cause I need it. I have bags under my eyes =[ so I'm off to do CEO business type stuff w/e that is lol and then photo shoot and then maybe just maybe some sleep; one can only hope!

By the way I'm stuck on Between the Trees, Deftones, Kidneythieves, Flyleaf, Radiohead, Shiny Toy Guns, Everything- Lifehouse, Apologize- One Republic, White Lies- Jessica Sutta, Clumsy- Fergie, && Limit of Shunt- Beanbag. So if you wanna see me buy a tickets to Between the Trees and Shiny Toy guns I already bought mine =] can't wait till the concerts. And I unfortunately missed the Drop Dead Gorgeous Concert on Saturday because I had to work. Today is my niece's 1st Birthday Happy Birthday Mimi!!!

11/24/2007 10:19:44 am

Downloaded the songs! Waiting impatiently for photos and stories... Love Prom Night 2 :) amazing you guys are! and with that I bid you goodnight

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