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First off I will start by apologizing for disappearing of the radar like that. Secondly I thank you for continuing with contacting me and posting comments. And thirdly I bring you good news Socialites Ch. 1 is completed and will be up shortly. Birth Curse is almost complete, our music is rocking and so on.

Let's jump right into this b/c I'm sorta short for time.

week one:

Picture: Infection

Clip: Demoni 1 & 2

Can be found in Blockbuster or

week two:
Picture: Leprachuan 3
Clip: Return of the living dead 3

Can be found Blockbuster

week three:
Picture: Blue Bloods 1 & 2

Clip: Wolf lake

Barnes and Noble and contact me for wolf Lake

That was all I posted sorry I'll try to keep up =]

Fan of The Month....

The honor goes to Sherry. With all her support and praises we love you and you rock. To the rest of the fans thanks for visiting our page and yada yada yada you know I'll get sappy if I keep going. You guys are amazing not us! Any who new pictures and clips up later today followed by another awesome blog that's a must read

Movie/Book Reviews...

Ok so I haven't watched that many movies =[ but I will I promise. A definite must see is "The Bee Movie" um I'm pretty sure that's all I've seen this month no wait I lie I rented some movies duh lol.

Killer Bash--acting was whack, story was ok but kinda lame, and the character last lame is Jekyll and Hyde lol but I actually kinda liked it it was so bad it was good
Drive-Thru--ok Leighton Meester & Penn Badgley I expected so much more lol but the movie was ok considering  at times the acting was blah and the story was good and other times the acting was good but the writing sucked, just watch it and decide for yourself
The Blob (1958 and 1988)--Awesome and awesome. I loved both movies although they were way scary when I was younger they aren't that scary but they do rock regardless. Classics
Flight of the Living Dead-- pretty good once you get to the actual zombie action although they do scream like birds lol and um there's a grandma zombie with no teeth lol. watch it and decide for yourself
Catacombs--Good major twist at the end. Pink is in it as well. I actually like the movie. I love FearNet
Children of the Living Dead--ok no offense Tom Savini... not your best work it kinda sucked no not kinda it did suck
Dark Half--good but so long it makes you bored
Devil's Prey
--I liked it but you might not depends on your movie style
Wraith--Charlie Sheen, that says it all. It was good really.
Mangler Series--scared the beejesus out of the biffel, she shut it off when I feel asleep. It wasn't boring but I'd been awake way too long, I re-watched it when I wasn't tired, it was awesome but not so much scary
Pumpkin Head series--Ok major classic. But not scary actual made me kinda sleepy
Sometimes they Come Back--good only words to describe it
Sometimes they Come Back Again--Stephen King you genius same as the review above
Slaughter High--kind of stupid but a good way to pass some time
Sleepwalker--I was still bored lol and it was on FearNet. I liked it but then again I'm insane so why would you listen to me ohh that's right cause I rock
Witchboard-- Just like this movie rocks, I hid my face under my sheets

I also saw Resident Evil: Extinction with the BiFFeL and it was really good except we got kinda sad at the end. Every movie we watch someone dies. The Invisible, Pirates, Spiderman, and now Resident Evil. Well the movie rocked and that's that!

Ok and now this blog is Finito.

11/24/2007 10:16:14 am

Hey thanks for the FOTM spot. and no you guys rock. Looking forward to the stories being posted I just bought the Wicked books and Blue Bloods books? Reading Blue Bloods first since there are only 3 if you count 666:The number of the beast. So what's next?!?!?! As for movies once again your right on target love you guys hurry with the music we wanna hear

11/24/2007 10:17:29 am

hey Gorgeous, and Lovely.... Waiting for website updates! Hurry with the stories and photos

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