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    Ok so more news and my sincerest apologies. I have been on a complete hiatus, Running a company is harder than it seems =] Flash is discontinuing his collide series and his blog page will me deleted, chances are that by the time you read this notice it will be gone but have no fear short stories will be posted ASAP on this site =] Birth Curse is in it's final stages and Morphine has been created... which makes me ecstatic. Make sure to Visit the current projects page for a more detailed list of things to come. Flash has asked me to inform you that he is working on a Story called 'Outside In The Asylum' and yes it is good so you must read it. I personally love it and visit frequently it is located on and along with it is a Texas Chainsaw Massacre FanFiction @

    I am starting my own blogspot blog because the site rocks on that site I will feature my Random Ramblings/Rants whichever suits the theme. The will also be featured on this site if your interested. Said blog is located below this New Bulletin. Please visit my fanfiction site @ and my blog spot address is That is all for now =]

3/25/2008 03:39:18 pm

The link to your fan fiction says that your no longer a user hows am i supposed to read your great masterpieces if i no can click click there???

Lu Lu T. Marie
8/28/2009 08:30:05 am

psshhh loser you could have just called me ::rolling eyes::

Lu Lu T. Marie
8/28/2009 08:30:53 am


3/30/2011 11:31:24 am

have a look yiwu ,maybe you will search for another, try yiwu china ,Ok.


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