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Growing up I was taught to never give up, I wasn’t allowed to quit; It showed weakness. I was supposed to be a fighter. The first thing I quit was dance and I was to stupid to realize how much I loved it till I quit it, oh how I loathe that word. And now I’m faced with the same decision and I’m terrified of making the same mistake or better yet something worse. Do I give up something else I love or do I fight for it.

The most obvious answer is fight for it no? But things are always more complicated than that now a days. I’m not a quitter and yet I’m ready to throw the hypothetical towel in and accept defeat. I’m not sure what thought sickens me more, fight and possibly break in the process or quit the one thing I’m afraid to loose most in this world.

These decisions never go the right way regardless of what choice you make. So here it is starring me right in the face. Do I fight for the one thing that can break me, the same thing that’s already left my heart battle scared and worn down? The same thing that means the world and more to me? Even when I’ve been taught contrary to the above statements you can’t break someone that doesn’t give a shit(excuse the language). YES! Because if it means so much to you and can break you it’s worth it, right? But what if they don’t want to be fought for? What if, they are happy the way they are, love the way things are going? No, because that’s what’s breaking you the most. The fact that you obviously don’t mean as much to them as they do to you. The fact that they would, could, and probably have already easily thrown you away… and you definitely aren’t the kind of person to degrade themselves for something like that. Right? 

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Hope you guys are doing fine
Tiffany =D
    Online Gamers beware. Join one of the most compelling and truly fun games on the internet… Evony!!! I don’t recall what website I was originally on when I created my account months ago but I’ve narrowed it down Live Journal or Facebook. Regardless, the website then was called Civony, and still in the beta testing stage if I recall correctly. I set my username to my ever famous alias Simmer_Dee and started to build my city in Tuscany on server 3. Soon after I join ranks with an alliance and it snowballed from there. I can remember recruiting members =] since we only had about 7 or 8 and our rank was atrociously low, lol but as the months progressed Civony became Evony and we had 99 members and our rank was finally in the top 100, but with the rising alliance rank came alliance wars. But the support from each alliance member kept us together; I can ever remember my first teleport lol.

-teleport is when you teleport a city from 1 state to another.

The game is something I enjoying doing in my spare time when I’m working on a project or chapter and need a break. It’s simple, you just log on to your account and start building and plundering NPC (barbarian cities) for resources and building your army up to staggering sizes. Some users obviously flaunt their prestige and honor to intimidate the smaller players but then what game doesn’t have those insufferable gamers. I’m currently ranked as General with the title or Baron and in possession of 3 cities… honestly if I can do it so can you. So get to it… visit and register to the free gaming website. But don’t forget to check out the forums and learn all you can about building your city.


=D the best of luck,

<3 Simmer_Dee
Aka Tiffany

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Michael has a blog up with a couple of short stories posted for all your reading pleasure and and new blog tab will be added by November called after thoughts, were you can read a short story by Tiff & Mike which you can read chapter by chapter and receive emails when the blog is updated =] Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and of course concerns  below we at KHI loove to hear from you

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I am extremely repentant and sorry about my extremely extended absence. I have been overwhelmed and unable to post anything lol. My computer crashed, my laptop's WiFi fired and now here I am once again posting. Hectic as my life has been I've continued writing lol so I have many many many updates and stories, in store for you all. ^__^
         My current semester in college is finally coming to a close so I will have more free time to post and update =] Thank you once again for your patience and understanding. I have also taken the time to post a movie and book of the week. Below is a little extra gift... a must read series by P.C. & Kristen Cast. =D Enjoy!


 Double edged swords, controversy, Double standards, criticism, passion, love, blah blah blah!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY


Second episode: Trust Issues

To Trust You or Not To trust You...

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Trust: – on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.2.confident expectation of something; hope.3.confidence in the certainty of future payment for property or goods received; credit:to sell merchandise on trust.4.a person on whom or thing on which one relies:God is my trust.reliability. rely upon or place confidence in someone or something (usually fol. byinorto):to trust in another's honesty; trusting to have confidence; hope:Things work out if one only trusts. have trust or confidence in; rely or depend expect confidently; hope (usually fol. by a clause or infinitive as object):trusting the job would soon be finished; trusting to find oil on the land. to,to rely on; trust:Never trust to luck!

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Trust... So many different interpretations & definitions. So why is it that we can not fathom the idea that someone deserves our trust, our secrets. The idea that there is someone who would never betray us, loyal to a fault seems to plague my turmoiled mind. Perhaps the most logical and common reason for such a foolish notion is hope. But why hold on to something so flimsy that the wind from a sleeping child's breathe can blow it away. Do we perceive our friends as noble, loyal, loving and always truthful? Is it possible that we are wrong? Quite possibly.

I was once an idealist. Clinging too the hope that I could find such a trustworthy friend. The kind often found in novels. But as luck and fate would have it no such person exists. I have made many memorable friends many of which I would drop anything for, but selfish none the less. Always asking never giving, but really some fall out of the category of never giving (1 single friend stands out). Today I can only ramble about the facts and the personal experiences I have had.
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So why is it futile to believe in that never ending trust.... Simple really no one is willing to give their trust out blindly.


A Cause represents a charitable organization which uses donations to make an impact in the world.

When a child or teenager has a serious medical condition, everyone in the family is affected. The kids, their parents and siblings struggle, in different ways, to grapple with the intrusion of illness or serious injury into their lives. 

We understand what families go through when a child is sick, and how important it is for families to find relief from constant worry and isolation. Our entertainment, education and family activity programs have been proven to distract children from their pain, help them better understand and manage their illnesses, and connect families facing similar challenges so that no one feels alone.

Through a network of more than 30 offices, Starlight provides ongoing support to children, parents and siblings in all U.S. states and Canadian provinces with an array of outpatient, hospital-based and Web offerings. Programs are also delivered internationally through affiliates in Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom.

The way we see it, while doctors work to restore a child’s health, Starlight Starbright works to restore the entire family’s spirit.

I was once a child with a life threatening illness and I know what it's like to watch your family suffer. Don't sit back and let other's suffer the same way my family had to... do your part and help. It doesn't cost you a penny, just a few moments of your time. Just click the gold star.


Our very own Margie aka Junnieth came across this..... It's in effort to stop global warming and climate change let's get Florida in on this too. June and I as you all know are big Eco friendly activist and are implementing that all KHI members partake in this blackout... as well as our families and ask that our friends and fans do too The Date is still in Debate, we aren't exactly sure when to do it but I'll get back to you with that soon =]. Thanks

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