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    Online Gamers beware. Join one of the most compelling and truly fun games on the internet… Evony!!! I don’t recall what website I was originally on when I created my account months ago but I’ve narrowed it down Live Journal or Facebook. Regardless, the website then was called Civony, and still in the beta testing stage if I recall correctly. I set my username to my ever famous alias Simmer_Dee and started to build my city in Tuscany on server 3. Soon after I join ranks with an alliance and it snowballed from there. I can remember recruiting members =] since we only had about 7 or 8 and our rank was atrociously low, lol but as the months progressed Civony became Evony and we had 99 members and our rank was finally in the top 100, but with the rising alliance rank came alliance wars. But the support from each alliance member kept us together; I can ever remember my first teleport lol.

-teleport is when you teleport a city from 1 state to another.

The game is something I enjoying doing in my spare time when I’m working on a project or chapter and need a break. It’s simple, you just log on to your account and start building and plundering NPC (barbarian cities) for resources and building your army up to staggering sizes. Some users obviously flaunt their prestige and honor to intimidate the smaller players but then what game doesn’t have those insufferable gamers. I’m currently ranked as General with the title or Baron and in possession of 3 cities… honestly if I can do it so can you. So get to it… visit and register to the free gaming website. But don’t forget to check out the forums and learn all you can about building your city.


=D the best of luck,

<3 Simmer_Dee
Aka Tiffany

      I've received an influx of emails requesting the site in which you can read the short stories posted... the site is currently a blogspot page which you can reach by visiting or

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    Please bare with us as the site gets updates and make-overs. As for the short stories besides the sites listed above you will be able to view a select few of the stories on this site once the After Thoughts tab is added. On that page you'll receive email updates when a new chapter is posted. And just in case you were wondering the page should be up by the end of September though I highly doubt it will take us all that long to get it up but unfortunately our system  still has some kinks to work out. We will send out emails to those of you that leave us comments on this blog with your email address attached in the section on comments (no worries no one else can see the email address).

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Michael has a blog up with a couple of short stories posted for all your reading pleasure and and new blog tab will be added by November called after thoughts, were you can read a short story by Tiff & Mike which you can read chapter by chapter and receive emails when the blog is updated =] Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and of course concerns  below we at KHI loove to hear from you

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